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Computers are where the jobs are at and a masters in computer science opens many doors for job opportunities. We have many jobs in America that people simply aren’t qualified for and obtaining a masters in computer science is a great way to practically guarantee employment. Many computer scientists have a PhD, so a masters is simply a stepping stone. There are many lucrative and rewarding jobs for someone with a masters in computer science, but when it comes to building programs and overseeing major products, most possess a PhD. This is something to keep in mind to keep a realistic idea of the types of jobs and salary you can expect when exploring jobs in computer science.

Computer scientists do not work only in the technology industry. They can work in a variety of industries such as engineering or architecture, two of many industries that have become tech-driven in the past decade. Computer scientists also work with robots and artificial intelligence to develop more efficient assembly lines and create drones for combat warfare. A masters in computer science may land you a position working in a lab or research facility while you complete your PhD. It is very common for computer scientists to break up their education throughout a number of years as they lead full-time jobs. Often those who are fresh out of undergrad will go for their masters and PhD in a row to get it done with. It all depends on your finances, personal commitments and time availability.

A masters in computer science involves a mix of formula methods, theory of computation, graphics, computer analysis and databases. Programming is also a focus of a masters in computer science. Many who obtain a PhD will go on to create computer programs for the private or research sectors. It is not uncommon for students to create programs for companies while they are still in school, though they often do not have complete control over the project. Those working as computer scientists are typically creative and science-minded giving them an edge over those who see things strictly from an artistic, scientific or business perspective.

Where can I work with a masters in computer science?

Computer scientists work for many different companies. Nearly all major corporations employ computer scientists of some variety. You may work creating a security program for a large gas or oil company or working with hospitals for more efficient records and updates of patients and their developments. Security is an area where many companies are focusing and those who can develop the latest technology to keep information and ideas safe will be sought after for high paying positions. A masters in computer science gives you the ability to work as a project manager in some cases, though many project managers have a PhD. With a masters you may be limited in your supervising possibilities, even if you are as skilled as someone with a PhD.

The need for computer scientists will grow by almost 25% in the next decade. This puts anyone with a background in computer science in a position for gainful employment. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and is experiencing rapid growth around the globe. If you work as a computer scientist, it is imperative you are constantly learning and teaching yourself new things to stay on the cusp of technology. Theories and practices are constantly evolving and changing in the world of computers and regardless of your educational background, you will have to stay abreast of these changes after you’re done with school.

The average salary for a computer scientist is a little under $100,000 a year. This can vary based on the project and position you hold. Many computer scientists work on a contract basis because they command a very high wage that a company may not be able to have on salary. It is normal for computer scientists to work one project through its development and finished stages and then move on to another company for the next project.

Computer Science Degree Finder

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