With the spread of computer technology, it’s a fairly good bet that those who have computer science degrees and information technology degrees will be in demand for a long time to come. Indeed, a computer technician who is knowledgeable about different systems can usually find a job.

And, these days, you don’t even need to work for the same company for years and years. Instead, you can actually freelance, providing your services to a variety of companies. You might even be able to make more money as a freelance computer technician. Our connectedness as a society means that you should be able to find a number of opportunities online. If you are looking for a job as a freelance computer technician, here are 30 great places to start:

Computer and Technology Job Sites

Check out these job sites aimed specifically at helping those with skills in computers and in technology. Some of these are freelance jobs, as well as distance jobs that can be performed no matter where you are. Check out these sites for a good start.

  1. Dice: This is the place to go if you are a technology professional. From computer jobs to IT jobs to everything in between, you can get access to great job opportunities as a freelancer.
  2. Computer Jobs: Look here for jobs as a computer technician, or as some other type of computer professional. Includes freelance jobs and temporary jobs.
  3. ComputerWork: If you are technically minded and good with computers, this is a great web site for you. Helpful for freelancers as well as those looking for more permanent jobs.
  4. TechCareers: Look for a career in technology with help from this site. Post your resume as a freelance computer technician, and look for openings.
  5. JustTechJobs: Connect with those who could use your skills. Great place for computer technicians to start, freelance or otherwise.
  6. Technology.Jobs: Use this site to kickstart your job as a computer technician.
  7. Pathways to Technology: A variety of different jobs dealing with computers, engineering and technology. A great resource for the freelance computer technician.
  8. Tech Centric: Look for computer jobs on this web site aimed at technology and computers. Freelance jobs and temporary positions are available.
  9. Computer Tech Jobs: No surprise here: These jobs are aimed at computer technicians. Plenty of work for the freelancer.
  10. KForce: Find computer technician jobs all over the country, including jobs for freelancers.

Freelance Job Sites

Freelancing is on the rise, since technology has made it easier than ever to outsource work. Plus, with the recent recession, many employers are finding that freelancers can fill their needs. Freelance web sites offer to connect all types of freelancers with the companies that need their services. Visit these sites to look for freelance jobs in computers and technology.

  1. Guru.com: This freelance marketplace allows you to bid on freelance projects in your area of expertise as a computer technician. A helpful place to start looking.
  2. Sologig: Freelance web site that includes help finding freelance computer technician jobs, as well as IT and engineering jobs. A good place to start your search for a computer or technology related freelance gig.
  3. Flex Jobs: You can find freelance work and part time work using this web site. A great place to look if you are searching for jobs that are a little more flexible.
  4. GoFreelance: Another freelance marketplace that helps you find technology and computer jobs. A number of great freelance opportunities for the thoughtful freelancer.
  5. Elance: Start here to find online freelance jobs for computer technicians and experts. Plenty of work to go around.
  6. iFreelance: Find jobs with the help of this web site. You can freelance from anywhere, and highlight your skills as a computer tech.
  7. Project 4 Hire: Use this web site to look for work as a computer technician. Plenty of tech and computer jobs available.
  8. Freelancer.com: Just what it sounds like — you look for freelance work online. You find employers looking for contract workers in a number of fields, including computer tech.
  9. All Freelance Directory: Not only can you find freelance jobs here, but you can also get access to helpful articles and tips about freelancing. A solid resource for freelance computer technicians.
  10. Odesk: There are a number of freelance jobs available through this web site. You can find a position as a contract computer technician, looking for temporary and freelance positions.
  11. Smashing Jobs: Look for great jobs all over the world. Includes computer jobs, technician jobs and other technology opportunities. A great place to find the right job for you.
  12. Sitepoint Market: Another freelance market place where you can sell your skills as a computer technician. Let others know your qualifications, and look for the right job for you. This is a well known technology site.
  13. FreelanceSwitch: Get paid as a contractor. Look for jobs, and find helpful information on pricing your services to clients. A great resource for the talented freelance computer technician.

General Job Sites

Increasingly, you can find temporary and freelance jobs on the larger job web sites. Don’t think that you can’t find what you’re looking for on a more conventional and “traditional” job web site. Here are some sites that might be able to help you out.

  1. Technology Jobs and Resources: Plenty of computer related and technology jobs on the Monster.com web site.
  2. IT Jobs on CareerBuilder: A number of computer jobs, including computer technician jobs for freelancers and temporary workers. A great place to start your job search.
  3. Technology Jobs: The Ladders offers access to high paying job leads. Visit the technology section to learn more about how you can connect with companies that need your computer technician skills.
  4. Technology Jobs: Check with Indeed.com to find computer related jobs. Entry level, temporary and freelance opportunities.
  5. Computer Jobs: Nation Jobs offers access to a variety of opportunities for the computer technician and other technology related jobs.
  6. Technology Jobs: Simply Hired is another big-name job site that has jobs aimed at computer technicians and engineers.
  7. Information Technology Jobs: Look for the right job for you at Thingamajob.com. Freelance positions are readily available as well.

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