If you are into BlackBerry, you can use the smart phone or the tablet to accomplish just about anything. If you are into the BlackBerry, there is plenty you can do with it. This is true for those involved in computer science as well. If you are a computer nerd, or if you are a developer, there are a number of helpful BlackBerry apps that can help you do your job.

The release of a tablet for BlackBerry is also helpful. Not only does the PlayBook tablet offer you access to Android apps, but it can also support some great BlackBerry apps. If you enjoy computers and web development, here are 30 great apps you can consider:

Design Apps

These BlackBerry apps can help you test out different design ideas, and can help you get a better idea of what to do. You can also get access to different tools and resources that will help you with your web design and development efforts.

  1. Web Color Tester: This great BlackBerry app lets you test different web colors before you publish them. Great way to turn RGB-values into hexadecimal values. Cost: $0.99
  2. Web Safe Colors: Another great color app that can help you figure out which colors are best for use on a web site. Includes color code as well. Cost: $0.99
  3. Design Engineers Resource: If you are interested in engineering and design, this is a great tool. This includes a number of resources you can use while designing tools and components. Cost: Free
  4. HTML Viewer: This basic source tool helps you see the html for a certain page. A helpful way get ideas, and even learn a little code. Cost: $0.99
  5. PHP Cheat Sheet: Perfect for anyone who needs a refresher. Even the most experienced of developers can sometimes use a little PHP help. Cost: $2.99
  6. imgEdit: This is an image editor that can be helpful for the developer — or the computer nerd who wants to take care of all imaging functions. Image editing fully supported, including rotation, crop, colorizing and more. Cost: $1.99
  7. Partly Colored Image: Cool way to create interesting effects with images. Includes layering so that you can change part of an image using different effects, such as sepia, blur and more. Cost: $1.99
  8. Dictionary of Information Technology Terms: Perfect for if you are involved in IT. You can get everything you need to remind you about different terms commonly used in information technology.
  9. uZard Web mobile Web Browser: Use this mobile browser to see how things look on PC. Same web surfing, and a good way to check web sites to see how they are turning out. Cost: Free

Management Apps

Manage different accounts with help from these apps. Stay organized, and on top of what’s next. Great for helping you stay in control, no matter where you are.

  1. Desktop Web Analytics: You can visualize your Piwik stats from just about anywhere. Great tool for the PlayBook. Can be used to help you manage multiple web sites.
  2. Box.net Web Icon: If you have a Box.net account you can access it quickly and easily. This is a good way to preview PDF, image, Excel, Powerpoint and Word on your BlackBerry. Cost: Free
  3. File Manager Pro: This great zip and file utility allows you to share files and manage them right from your BlackBerry device. Great for those who need to send items, or manage different files for projects. Cost: $4.99
  4. Simple FTP Server: Need to transfer files? You can actually use your BlackBerry device as an FTP server. Perfect for managing different admin accounts and transferring files to different sites. Cost: $4.99
  5. Wi-Fi Proxy FTP HTTP Servers: You can use the this to transfer various files, through your Internet access. It provides access through the BlackBerry Internet plan, so there is no need to use someone else’s Wi-Fi. Cost: $18.99
  6. Bramble: Great remote file explorer to help you find information that is stored on another computer. Perfect for managing your files, and making sure you always have what you need. Cost: $9.99
  7. Simple Web Server: Another app that allows you to use your BlackBerry to set up a Web server. Easy way to transfer files by connecting to another device. Cost: $4.99
  8. Rove Mobile Admin Client: You can use this to manage IT solutions. This BlackBerry app allows you to connect to your server behind the corporate firewall to manage the situation. Cost: Free
  9. Mobile Admin: Make use of your Lotus Domino Console with your BlackBerry device. Send console commands to the server, and trigger scheduled agents. A great way to be in charge while you are gone. Cost: $15.99
  10. Scheduler: You can use this to schedule various tasks. Can help you figure out what comes next in your day, and in your life. Cost: Free

Blogging and Social Media Apps

Computer nerds and developers alike need access to the latest blogging capability, and social media promotion techniques. Stay up with blogging an social media when you use the following BlackBerry apps.

  1. CellSpin: This mobile blogging app can help you as you publish to different blogging platforms, such as WordPress, Blogger and TypePad, as well as to social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and more. A great tool with versatile options. Cost: $2.99
  2. Bloglive: This app acts a mobile blogger assistant. You can update your blog directly, creating and editing posts. You can even use it with more than one blog account. Cost: $4.99
  3. ScribbleLive: Perfect for bloggers and journalists who want to liveblog. Instant appearance on your blog, and you can even brand your experience. Cost: Free trial
  4. WordPress for BlackBerry: Get the premier blogging platform on your BlackBerry device. A great way to interface with your WordPress account, and create new posts. Cost: Free
  5. ShowMe!: This is a photo blogger app that makes it quick and easy to create posts centered around images. Cost: Free
  6. Tumblr: Get access to the popular microblogging/social media site right from your BlackBerry device. Cost: Free
  7. UberSocial: A great way to use Twitter. Includes full integration with photos, URL shortening and lists. A great client. Cost: Free
  8. Seesmic for Twitter: Update to dozens of social web sites with the help of Twitter when you use this app. Cost: Free
  9. Facebook: You know you need access to Facebook from your BlackBerry. Get that access with this straightforward app. Cost: Free
  10. LinkedIn: Helpful social media app for BlackBerry. Keep up with business contacts in your professional network. Cost: Free
  11. Social Beat: Keep up with all your favorite social media sites with this one BlackBerry app. Cost: Free

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