Masters Degree In Computer Science Vs. Information Technology Vs. Information Systems

When you decide to get your masters in the field of computer science, information technology, or information systems the differences may seem scant. But they are not. These degrees may run parallel to each other but they are hardly interchangeable. Understanding some of the differing opinions surrounding these degrees and how you can choose between them for yourself is the key.

Which One Is Best?

This is a tricky question but it gets to the heart of the matter. You want to know which type of masters degree is best. You may be looking for the one that will translate into the most job opportunities, the one that will offer the jobs with the highest pay, or the one that will be most likely to allow you entry into a specific position.

Computer science is a degree that tends to be most loaded with and geared toward programming information. If you wish to have programming as a big part of your occupation then you may wish to go with this degree. If, however, you wish to go beyond programming into management positions or other skills then you will want to consider other degrees.

Information technology and information systems are often used interchangeably. While they may be separated by details, they both apply to the same field and will cover many of the same skills. Unless you know the precise degree that you will need for your dream job then the title can be confusing.

What It All Means To You

As usual, the best degree is the one that will get you what you want. You will want to research the types of positions that you will want to hold once you obtain your degree. What type of degree will get you the job you want?

Beyond that, you want to look at the skills that your dream job will require. Then, you can look into the details of specific programs that go by these marginally different titles. From one school to the next the same degree title may focus on slightly different skills. Just as important as the degree are the skills and knowledge base that it gives you.

Should you get a masters in computer science, information technology, or information systems? Who knows? You need to look at what a program offers and what you will need for your dream job. In the end, a double degree may even be the answer.

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