If you are into BlackBerry, you can use the smart phone or the tablet to accomplish just about anything. If you are into the BlackBerry, there is plenty you can do with it. This is true for those involved in computer science as well. If you are a computer nerd, or if you are a developer, there are a number of helpful BlackBerry apps that can help you do your job.

The release of a tablet for BlackBerry is also helpful. Not only does the PlayBook tablet offer you access to Android apps, but it can also support some great BlackBerry apps. If you enjoy computers and web development, here are 30 great apps you can consider: (more…)

Computers have become the lifeblood of our society. Computers are responsible for so much, from making sure that you get your money when you want it, to handling long-distance calls to providing hours of entertainment. Computer science professionals are what make everything run smoothly. Working closely with computers provides some interesting insights into the world of computing. However, you don’t have to have a Master’s in computer science in order to be a computer nerd. Here are 21 infographics that any computer nerd can appreciate.